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Rhonda Benin: Guestbook

Steve DeGroodt

November 4, 2007


There are singers that when performing sing AT the audience ...but there are the other kind of singers who when performing, sing from the heart and truely connect WITH the audience.

Fri. night (Nov. 2 '07) at the Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill you truely connected with the audience. With the gift of your smooth
and soulful voice and a top notch trio of musicians (piano, bass and drums), you had the entire Bar and Grill room in the palm of your hand. Indeed, you took us, the L A audience, to a beautiful place musically. Thanks for the great ride. Can't wait for you to play a return engagement !

Take care,
Steve De Groodt

Lambert Badgett

November 3, 2007

Last night in LA Rhonda came home. Yes she did! Her always classy disposition and quality voice made this a wonderful evening. The musicians that accompanied her were top of the line. Will catch her as often as I can. Love you Rhonda.

Reginald Jones

November 1, 2007

This is Brandy's brother and I hope to see you at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill.

Lawrence Newman

October 13, 2007

Rhonda, I listened to you new CD the other day and it was wonderful. It is so good to see you able to live your dream. Hopefully we will get to see you when you come to So Cal. Keep on singin


Loraine Binion

October 6, 2007

Hi Rhonda:

Just love 'A Matter of the Heart'. You sound absolutely fabulous! Please keep me updated on what you are doing.

Loraine Binion


September 9, 2007

All the performers were Great and Charles Spikes ?Q?Q?Q? He knows how to make a guitar tell the TRUTH!!!!!
Thanks for your endurance and soulfulness..
But I should have worn my DANCING Shoes!!!!!i

Stephen Matlock

August 14, 2007

Rhonda, it was good talking with you last night. I got a copy of "A Matter of the Heart" today, and all I can say is DAMN! I knew you loved to sing as far back as high school (wasn't Chamber Singers fun). You are now officially living the dream – never stop.

Much love, Stephen


August 14, 2007



I am also thinking of A Melody/song I would like to have you sing!!! I ONLY sing on HIKES and in the SHOWER>......SMILES I will be sending one of your CD's TO ZAMBIA to a friend of mine... If I can get you to autograph it prior at your earliest convenience !!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.....Mardiyya 8/14/2007


July 24, 2007


Bertha L Williams

July 8, 2007


What a performance!!! You have such a wide range of music and perfomance!!! Lovely I must say..
Have a wonderful journey in FILAND See you when you return... (Joes in Lafayette) I am going to enjoy your cd on the way to FRESNO!!!!

Michael D. Miller

June 15, 2007

Beautiful music today on the rooftop garden in the sun! Thank you for the lovely gift.

And keep the conversation going about our music. We've got to reclaim not only it, but our entire heritage/legacy. It is so rich and beautiful and I would dare say, one of the ways that we can heal this global community. Peace!

Ricky Wells

June 9, 2007

What can i say. For the first time in my life i am speakless. Your CD a matter of the heart was absolutely fabulous. I have known you for many, many years. And i thnk this is the first time i really got to hear your beautiful mellow velvety smooth voice. I am having a very hardtime picking my favorite song, so i will pick them all. I am so proud of you for going after your dream and making it happen. When you say " if you can't sing let bein sing it" you really meant it. To my favorite Superstar thanks for bein a good friend and always keeping intouch, you couldn't have any idea what your frinedship means to me. Keep up the good work. All my best, Love Ricky

Ollie McNeal

March 9, 2007

Such a delight to know that a former classmate makes such beautiful music with her voice. I enjoy this CD because I can relate to all aspects of the songs. Proud to say I knew her when.

Ollie McNeal

Carolyn Dukes Alexander

March 6, 2007

This album is soulful, classic and hot. The choice of songs run a gamut of blues to the 70's. the song "I give him all my love" makes you wish for a rainy day a fire place and someone to love. I enjoyed it eimmensely.

Vicki Burns

January 17, 2007

It was great to meet you and to hear your gorgeous voice again
at Pearl's last November...I wish you much success and joy in 2007!

Vicki Burns

Patty Kates

January 15, 2007

We met for a moment when you lost your wallet near University Avenue. You were very kind to give me your CD.

Your CD is all we have listened to since Xmas. Just the kind of songs I love and I am so happy to find a new, local future- star!


January 2, 2007

Happy New Year Mz. Benin! here's to another wonderful journey of growing up in the music together -- God bless you Sista...

Sandy "Grandma" Bryant

December 22, 2006

Hey Grandma,
Wow . . . is all I can say. I knew you had talent and this is fantastic. I love the style, sound, lyrics etc. You truly have blessed me during this holiday season with many of my favorite tunes .
Love Ya

Ned Boynton

December 14, 2006

Chloe and I love your CD!

karen coleman

November 26, 2006

When I heard that magical voice I new you had a great CD. Your vocie is a great gift from the Almighty keep up the good work.
Luv your sis KK

J. Joeblakely

November 15, 2006

From the Halls of CBS, to The Streets of San Francisco. Well done Rhonda. I am listening to your CD as I am typing. It is with great pleasure to know that you are following in the footsteps of some of my favorite singers. Sarah, Nancy, Dakota and Ella. Your style, the phrasing is pitch perfect. Looking forward to the next CD and seeing a live performance.
Always In Vision, J2.

Yoshika McAlister

November 8, 2006

Hey Rhonda girl,
I am so glad to see that you are doing something great with your voice. I always admired you for that. Please keep in touch with me. Love ya always Shika

Katherine Cross

October 25, 2006

Hi Rhonda,

I had the pleasure of hearing you live while i was on vacation in San Francisco. You and your band are awsome! I really enjoyed the entertainment. I love your voice, it's so soothing. Thank you so much for the CD (A matter of the heart). I am enjoying it to the fullest. Every song on there is great. I have it in my car and listens to it every day. Girl your HOT!!!!! (Smiles)


Collette Simmons

September 11, 2006

Hi Rhonda,

You are looking and sounding great. Let me know when you come to the ATL.


September 5, 2006

ListeninSoundin to ya on KCSM thru the net here in the state of Maine. Soundin good - keep on.

Mardelle Hansen

August 24, 2006

Hello Rhonda,

I finally got the cd out of the car to email you...We left Canmore Tuesday morning and were trying to figure out who we were going to listen to on the way home. It did not take much time to decide, we all agreed that your music would be the one to take us there. We chose well it is damm awesome.....It was the best ride home, the music was clean beautiful, and to the heart. I am happy for you for putting your stamp on your own recording. It was just a joy to listen to.
May your journey keep you happy.
Loads of Love and laughter,
Mardelle and family

Mista Kista

August 24, 2006

Hello Rhonda. This is the guy from the PO. I'm checking your page. Really diggin the snippets on here. Now that's jazz & blues. Took it back didn't ya. Keep doing what you doing.

God bless.

Wilma & Richard Bates

July 26, 2006

Ronda!!! It is great to hear your beautiful voice again. I know it's been a while since we've spoken but we truly hope to connect SOON! Congratulations on a jammin CD. Where can we get a few copies?
Can you belive it w/b 14 years since you sang us down the aisle at our wedding?!? Looking forward to talking w/ you soon. We are back in Bloomington, IL.
Love you lots. Wilma and Richard

Althia Wells

July 11, 2006

You know you're my girl! Remember at Cal Poly, I told you to go sing if that's what you wanted to do. You are living your dream. Most of us never do. Love you always!!

Madeline R.

June 25, 2006


I'm truly happy for you!! Looking forward to getting the album. Thanks for sharing your beautiful personality and voice with the world. God's blessings be with you.

Alicia Jones

June 13, 2006

Hey Rhon,

You look fabulous and sound divine! Love the photo on the home page - sassy and beautiful. I'm proud to be your friend. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the CD and the website.


charles murray

June 12, 2006

go on gurl, do yo thing!!! Whats up cuz. I so happy that you are doing so well. Tell me when the next time that you will be in Eurpoe so that I can come see you. Be good! lOve Charles

Steve DeGroodt

June 3, 2006

hey Rhonda,

sweeeeeeeet !!! your photos and the music. I was so curious to see where you were at vocally and what kind of acompaniment...smooth stuff girl...smooth indeed. congratulations. can't wait to hear the entire cd.

I just finished up a brief gig as the set painter on an new MTV show (pilot) and tonight am catching a flight to Washington, D.C. to a big week long family reunion there and North Carolina...should be fun... will check in with ya later...again Rhonda congratulations and a warm hug ....Steve


May 29, 2006

Rhonda, I always knew you had "it" when I first met you. God is blessing you and you bless us with your talent. Keep goin' girl.

Tammy L. Hall

May 29, 2006

Rhonda, the website is wonderful and I love your picture on the home page. More blessings coming your way!!! So glad to make music with you.


May 28, 2006 looks great, you sound great, Keep grooving soul sister the sky is the limit..
God bless.

Melva Young (Essentially Jazz Productions)

May 27, 2006

Great Website Rhonda. Everything looks great. Your pictures came out really nice. Peace and blessings to you my sista...keep moving forward.
love ya,

Big Mama

May 26, 2006

Classy!!!! This is really nice. Has taste just like
your music, sweet to the musical palette.
Continue on Rhonda... beyond whatever you could ask or think........ Blessings sister,
Love ya! :) :)

Melissa Davis

May 26, 2006

Looks great, Rhonda! Can't wait to see you again! Can't wait for that CD, too! We love your music.
melissa and family

Vonnah P. Bagner

May 26, 2006

YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Your sound beautiful. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you and your musical ability. What a wonderful sound.

Anna de Leon

May 26, 2006

Love the website!!! Especially the great pics!

Melanie DeMore

May 26, 2006

Congratulations!!!!!!!! It looks wonderful-
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